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Вінець шлюбний




Вінець шлюбний
[Wedding crown]




The artifact was made by one of the Kyiv Master goldsmiths, Master Byshevs′kyǐ, for an unknown marriage around 1857. This crown was made for the crowning ceremony of Eastern Christian wedding tradition. The crown of marriage would be placed on the groom's head, with a similar one for the bride, to signify Jesus Christ’s victory over sin, evil, and death. This ceremony would typically have friends, family, and clergy members in attendance and involve prayers and hymns. “An Explanation of the Crowning Ceremony.” Melkite Eparchy of Newton, https://melkite.org/faith/faith-worship/an-explanation-of-the-crowning-ceremony.
This item was curated by Jack Reynolds in Humanities 440B(H): “That Belongs in a Museum!” Museums and the Ownership of Antiquities, a course taught by Professor Nicole Ruane at the University of New Hampshire, Spring 2023.


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