Exploring Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online


Items in this gallery are curated by volunteers, including (in alphabetical order):

  • Barış 'Barry' Akgün
  • Mira Barka
  • Anne-Laurence Caudano
  • Xenia Goldtmann
  • Dan Gorman
  • Kiley Jolicoeur
  • Anna Kijas
  • Colleen O'Keefe
  • Anna Rakityanskaya
  • Tina Schneider

The initial planning and documentation for the gallery was created by Kiley Jolicoeur, Anna Rakityanskaya, Anna Kijas, Judith Pinnolis, Daria Mikhaylova, and Mieke Siemons.

Thank you to Sharon Leon, Dickson Law, and Rachel Dicresce for their assistance with planning and troubleshooting the Omeka instance.