Exploring Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online

How to Explore the Gallery

Objects in the gallery can be browsed, searched using keywords and terms, or filtered by metadata fields.

Browsing the Gallery

  • To browse items in the gallery go to: https://gallery.sucho.org/items/browse;
  • Each item appears with an image and a short description;
  • You can sort by an item's title, creator, or date;
  • When you select an item you will find a larger image with descriptive metadata about the item
    • The following metadata terms are hyperlinked to enable greater discovery and access of other items in the gallery that share these terms:
      • Creator
      • Subject
      • Host institution
      • Institution location
      • Administrative district
      • Institution type

Searching in the Gallery

  • To search for specific items go to: https://gallery.sucho.org/items/search;
  • Use keywords or terms to find items that are from a specific location, such as "Kyiv" or a format, such as "painting";
  • Narrow your search by selecting or omitting specific metadata fields: title, creator, date, description, publisher, subject, language, institution location, institution type, or host institution.

Refine your Search

  • Scroll to the bottom of the browse page to view a list of metadata fields and terms that you can filter by;
  • Filtering is enabled on:
    • Creator
    • Subject
    • Host institution
    • Institution location
    • Administrative district
    • Institution type

Overview of the Gallery Metadata

We are using a selection of metadata terms to describe objects in this gallery from an open metadata standard called Dublin Core. When possible, fields with an asterisk (*) feature metadata in Ukrainian and English.

These are the metadata fields we are using to describe items in the gallery:

  • Title*: name of the item
  • Creator*: person or entity who created the original item
  • Date: date when the original item was created or published
  • Description*: brief description of the original item
  • Subject*: subject headings from the Library of Congress authorities and vocabularies
  • Language: language of the original item, if applicable
  • Identifier: URL to the original source where the item was found and to the web-archived item, if available
  • Host Institution*: name of the institution which houses the physical object, collection, or digital object
  • Institution location*: location of the host institution
  • Administrative district*: the administrative district of the host institution. This may be an oblast, raion, or historic regions
  • Institution type: what type of host institution it is, such as "Museums" or "Parks and natural areas"

You can view a more detailed version of the metadata dictionary and guide in the SUCHO wiki.