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  • KyivPan.jpg

    Painting. Panorama over Dneper River.
  • Tryzub.jpg

    [Tryzub. Early appearance of symbol of Ukraine. The trident carving was found in the remnants of the Tithe Church in Kyiv]
  • photo_2021-10-04_11.54.09.jpg

    An interactive memorial dedicated to the victims of Babyn Yar.
  • Kubok Artistic Glass.jpeg

    Cup (c. 1730s) belonging to Mykhailo Servatius Korybut-Vyshnevetsky, a nobleman and military commander.
  • image1567088718.jpg

    Postcard of the building exterior of the National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka (labeled as Drama Theatre "Solovtsov").
  • 6df337e96b59c6b4502279dce5a48bdf.jpg

    "The Metal Workers" mosaic panel is in the interior of the waiting room of the railway station in Mariupol.
    Material: enamel, marble, granite.
  • db9dba3ad1a317510aab5d6d6d5fea8e.jpg

    Boryviter, or a windhover, is a bird able to hover in the air for a long time. The concept of the authors was emotional bond between the panel and the sea view from the window next to it, the bond evoked by the name and colors. This panel is also located in the "Aristocrat," the restaurant in Mariupol.
  • 184e052d123cd9fe709dd6e5bf4d87ac.jpg

    In Soviet times, the panel "The Tree of Life" was part of the decor of a Mariupol restaurant called "Ukraine" (now - "Aristocrat"). The sketches were made by the mosaic makers themselves.
  • яєчко.jpg

    Children's illustrated book cover depicting a flowered border around an older man and woman looking at a chicken between them.
  • ushomyr-jewish-cemetery-12.jpg.pagespeed.ce.6iS_0aOKtP.jpg

    Two combined images of tombstones in the Ushomyr Jewish Cemetery (Korosten district) with inscriptions in Hebrew.
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