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  • nese-galia-vodu.jpg

    A painting of a woman carrying water created in the style of Petrykivka, a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style. The theme is related to a Ukrainian folk song, "Несе Галя воду" (Nese Halya vodu).
  • sdc10532.jpg

    Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Liberation of Donbas from the Nazi invaders.
  • sdc12196.jpg

    A painting of two birds perching on a tree on a snowy day. Taken from the winter exhibition of drawings by I͡Uliï Zin′kovs′koï, a resident of the village of Stritenko.
  • sdc12130.jpg

    The exhibition features felt toys made by the artisan Olena Leonidivna Tomozova over the course of several years. The toys were inspired by fairy tales and poems from her childhood.
  • oldest_graves_lychakiv.jpeg

    A gravestone from the Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv. The cemetery was founded in 1786 but the oldest gravestone among the approximately 400,000 burials dates to 1675.
  • novitna3a.jpg

    The materials of the exhibition tell about the emergence and combat activities of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Volyn, about the commanders and insurgent soldiers, among whom was the graphic artist Nil Khasevych, whose military graphics are presented in the museum.
  • Davna3.jpg

    A wooden dovbank boat from the 17th century.
  • 36_koncert.jpg

    "Concert" is a painting dedicated to the importance of art and artistic work. It depicts musicians performing in a secret or underground location to escape from the ideological principles of socialist realism.
  • 6.jpg

    A 19th century religious icon featuring the image of Jesus Christ.
  • zobrazhennya_viber_2021-10-27_01-12-11-829-768x1160.jpg

    Image of a bandura, a Ukrainian plucked string folk instrument.
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