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Гри́вна, то́рквес




Гри́вна, то́рквес
[Hryvnia torque]


3rd century BCE to the 4th century CE


A hoop shaped neck ornament, made up of twisted gold rods. Createated by the Sarmatian people and excavated from a 1st Century burial mount near Porohy in Vinnytsia Oblast. Torques of this kind were used as a monetary unit in Kyivan Rus'.
Прикраса шиї у формі обруча, складена з кручених золотих прутів. В Київській Русі використовувалася як грошова одиниця.
This item was curated by Lou Arinello in Humanities 440B(H): “That Belongs in a Museum!” Museums and the Ownership of Antiquities, a course taught by Professor Nicole Ruane at the University of New Hampshire, Spring 2023.


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