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  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/medallion.jpeg

    Found by the Southern Buh River near the village of Gordiivka, Trostyanets district, Vinnytsia Oblast at the Gordiiv mound site. Made during the late Bronze Age. The creator is believed to be of a foreign culture to the population.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/sarmatian_hryvnia_torque.jpg

    A hoop shaped neck ornament, made up of twisted gold rods. Createated by the Sarmatian people and excavated from a 1st Century burial mount near Porohy in Vinnytsia Oblast. Torques of this kind were used as a monetary unit in Kyivan Rus'.
  • Vinnytsia-old.jpg

    Streetview of Vinnytsia. Second half of 19th century.
  • Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 3.24.32 PM.png

    A virtual tour of the exhibition halls of the Vinnytsia Regional local history museum - Explore our museum directly from your computer. We offer you a virtual tour using spherical interactive panoramas with a 360°x180° view.
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