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  • estamp04.jpg

    Squeeze of an animal head, found in an archaeological dig in 1891. The dig was in Tauric Province, in the city-site of Chersonesos, within the city walls.
  • pavuk-1.jpg

    A "straw spider" Christmas decoration, made of bent straw and hung from the ceiling.
  • Kotik Musical.png

    The cat, the rooster and the fox. A poster for a musical for children produced in 2018 by Oleksandr Kuz′myn and still on repertoire in December 2022.
  • kubok.png

    It is a silver cup with a handle in the shape of a horse from a rich burial of a Sarmatian leader of the 1st century. This burial was found in 1984 in the mound village of Porogi, Vinnytsia region under the leadership of B.I. Lobai.
  • PR03H.JPG

    A painting depicting a fantastic animal creature called a chaplun. 1977. Paper, gouache.
  • PR01H.JPG

    A painting depicting two peacocks. 1959. Paper, gouache.
  • giraffe.jpg

    A 15 meter tall statue of a giraffe painted in the style of Sonia Delaunay.
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