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  • Lisova pisnja.jpg

    Forest song. A poster for a drama written by writer Lesi͡a Ukraïnka in 1911. Features of the "Forest Song" is an organic interweaving of the world of nature and the world of man.
  • SHA_5558.jpg

    Photo of performer performing the song “Embroidered. King of Ukraine" in a 1983 production of the Opera "Natalka-Poltavka" to the music of Alla Zagaykevich based on a libretto by Sergei Zhadan in the director's version by Rostislav Derzhipilsky.
  • pESokbNReG4.jpg

    Cast and others of "Christmas Night" at the Rivne Puppet Theatre, a play based on the folk puppet Vertep by M. Markevich. Cast are in costume, and all are standing or kneeling in front of the puppet stage.
  • Kotik Musical.png

    The cat, the rooster and the fox. A poster for a musical for children produced in 2018 by Oleksandr Kuz′myn and still on repertoire in December 2022.
  • Veletni_Pivdnia_1_84515.jpg

    "Giants of the South" is a short, one-hour play, which was presented to Cherkasy residents by the actors of the Mark Kropyvnytskyi Kirovohrad Drama Theater as part of the 2013 Christmas Festival. The work, the subtitle of which reads: "documentary play from the life of luminaries", was first performed on the theater stage during the celebrations on this occasion.
  • repertuar_charivni-snizhynky.jpg

    Four puppets around a white tree covered in snowflakes.
  • image1567088718.jpg

    Postcard of the building exterior of the National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka (labeled as Drama Theatre "Solovtsov").
  • glf_LEV_2657_2.jpg

    Scene from "Love in the Baroque Style" by Yaroslav Stelmakh, performed by Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater (Mariupol).
  • Puppet-00000000293.jpg

    Image from a puppetry performance of Chevengur adapted from the novel. The image depicts performers working their puppets.
  • glf_20_8.jpg

    A publicity photo from the rock opera, The White Crow, featuring Dar’ia Nedavnia as Joan of Arc. Directed by Anzhelika Dobrunova. Premiered at Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater on October 19, 2019.
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