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  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/earrings_line43.jpeg

    Silver-colored flower earrings with a bead of red colored glass in the center. From the Poltava region.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/earrings_line42.jpeg

    White metal floral-pattern earrings made through casting/engraving.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/coral_necklace_line39.jpeg

    A handmade, cotton and hemp threaded women’s coral necklace from the Poltava region.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/weddingflowercrown_line35.jpeg

    A white flower crown with small pink and blue flowers for a wedding
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/flowercrown_liliesofthevalley.jpeg

    This 20th century Ukrainian flower crown originated in Podilla. It was hand made using wire, paper, and encaustic painting with wax. It is a beautiful depiction of lilies of the valley woven into a crown. In Ukraine, the lily is symbolic of innocence and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Because of this, It was not uncommon for these flower crowns to be worn at weddings by women, symbolizing purity as they entered their marriage.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/womens_pletenka.jpeg

    A handmade women’s necklace. Made from wool and strands of glass beads woven into a geometric pattern.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/ethnographic_album.jpeg

    An album of art and photographs created by Ivan Hochar. It contains pictures of art and ethnographic information of the Poltava region, its people, and its culture. Part of a larger collection of volumes showing Ukraine and its people.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/Dukach-with-bow.jpg

    A large coin-shaped pendant hung on a ribbon and made of white and yellow metal. Worn as an accessory. From Cherkasy Oblast.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/silyanka-kh22464.jpg

    A silyanka necklace handmade with interwoven glass beads and white metal. Traditionally worn as a choker, it often complemented other jewelry pieces. It could also be worn as a hair piece. This necklace originated in Podilia.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/balamuty-kh17808.jpg

    A nacre (mother of pearl) necklace made with hemp thread and white metal.
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