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  • glf_LEV_2657_2.jpg

    Scene from "Love in the Baroque Style" by Yaroslav Stelmakh, performed by Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater (Mariupol).
  • glf_20_8.jpg

    A publicity photo from the rock opera, The White Crow, featuring Dar’ia Nedavnia as Joan of Arc. Directed by Anzhelika Dobrunova. Premiered at Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater on October 19, 2019.
  • donetsk-region-theater.jpg

    A photograph of the Winter Theater founded in the late nineteenth century by Vasyl′ Leontiǐovych Shapovalov. It was later replaced by the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater in 1960.
  • glf_EKA_pgCQKw8_1.jpg

    A photograph depicting a scene from <em>Chasing two hares</em>, a play by M. Starytskyi, produced by Donetsk region drama theater in Mariupol. Directed by Anzhelika Dobrunova.
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