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  • db0c02fa40d477543765252b46bba046.jpg

    Icon depicting St. Nicholas in episcopal vestments, who blesses with his right hand and holds the Gospel in his left.
    Material / technique: wood / levkas / tempera / silvering /
    Sizes: 98 x 76.5 cm
  • hutsul-paper-cutting.jpg
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/servingplatter.jpeg

    The plate is painted with blue, yellow and green colors on a gray background. In the center, the circle is framed with blue paint. On the bottom of the plate around the circle in larger triangles are placed smaller triangles of blue, yellow and green colors. Between them are circles, which are divided into two halves and filled with an ornament. Semicircles with curls inside are placed between larger rhombuses. The sides of the plate are decorated with a row of green teeth.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/necklace_flower-KN13804.JPG

    Gerdan is a women's necklace made of red, orange, white, black, green, yellow beads by weaving. The geometric ornament is formed by "starlets" below the medallion, which depicts a rosette arranged in a rhombus. The necklace is finished with colorful, beaded beads.
  • ad6da6114e99ca86beabc2f0955e737b.jpg

    Rectangular woolen carpet with geometric ornaments in yellow-brown colors.
  • vertep.png

    Sculptural composition
    Location: Velykyǐ Kli͡uchiv
    Dimensions: l - 35x16; h - 32
    Material / technique: pottery clay / modeling / painting /
  • 563a3ef7091934b078a79f903e1dcf12.jpg

    Material / technique: canvas / oil /
    Sizes: l-55 cm h-70 cm
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/tile-deer.jpg

    Made from potter’s clay, the tile depicts two deer facing each other surrounded by flowers and plants. The techniques used to create the tile include forming, painting, and watering. Tiles of this sort were both decorative and functional in nature.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/silyanka_Mykhailyshyn.jpg

    A traditional Ukrainian silyanka necklace beaded with colors of yellow, burgundy, green, white, red, and blue. The necklace pattern is geometric and below the design are white beaded loops.
  • 54f3a0fde66de9912885a8be1a733586.jpg

    Sculpture of the Kosiv potter Pavlyna Tsvilyk in traditional clothes.
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