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    Boryviter, or a windhover, is a bird able to hover in the air for a long time. The concept of the authors was emotional bond between the panel and the sea view from the window next to it, the bond evoked by the name and colors. This panel is also located in the "Aristocrat," the restaurant in Mariupol.
  • яєчко.jpg

    Children's illustrated book cover depicting a flowered border around an older man and woman looking at a chicken between them.
  • 6df337e96b59c6b4502279dce5a48bdf.jpg

    "The Metal Workers" mosaic panel is in the interior of the waiting room of the railway station in Mariupol.
    Material: enamel, marble, granite.
  • Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 3.27.17 PM.png

    A 3D virtual tour of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine - The historical museum welcomes you! On 4 floors, the history from the appearance of the first man to the present is reproduced. About 850,000 unique exhibits illustrating the path of Ukrainians and telling about its past and present. Be curious, learn and reinterpret history.
  • PR01H.JPG

    A painting depicting two peacocks. 1959. Paper, gouache.
  • PR03H.JPG

    A painting depicting a fantastic animal creature called a chaplun. 1977. Paper, gouache.
  • Roitburd_Artwork_1988_Vozdvyzhennya_krasyvogo_praporu_oil_canvas_150x146-968x1024.jpg

    Oil painting on canvas. Dimensions: 150 cm x 146 cm.
  • 4147-scaled.jpg

    A sketch of Iavors'kyi's costume for Sava Chalii, a play by Ivan Karpenko-Karyǐ, premiered on February 3, 1927 at the Berezil Theater in Kharkiv. Paper, watercolors, 68 х 27 cm.
  • Vasyl-Tkachenko-scaled.jpg

    A story of Vasyl′ Tkachenko, a Hodomor victim, told by his great-grandson Vasyl′ Fedorovych Tkachenko, recorded by Serhiǐ Polishchuk in the Korobchyne village, Novomyrhorod district, Kirovohrad region.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/silyanka-kh22464.jpg

    A silyanka necklace handmade with interwoven glass beads and white metal. Traditionally worn as a choker, it often complemented other jewelry pieces. It could also be worn as a hair piece. This necklace originated in Podilia.
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