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  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/barmy-miku.jpg

    This necklace has four medallions depicting religious icons. It was found c. 1900 near the village of Sakhnivka in the Cherkasy region.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/silyanka-kh22464.jpg

    A silyanka necklace handmade with interwoven glass beads and white metal. Traditionally worn as a choker, it often complemented other jewelry pieces. It could also be worn as a hair piece. This necklace originated in Podilia.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/balamuty-kh17808.jpg

    A nacre (mother of pearl) necklace made with hemp thread and white metal.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/necklack-with-moon-pendants.jpg

    This necklace consists of three large silver moons, seven beads, four earrings, fragments of wire and silver plates, and the fragments of a plate bracelet. It was found in 1864 in Yurkivtsi, Vinnytsia Oblast.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/Kudryavsky-treasure.jpg

    The treasure is made up of a kolt (temple pendant), gold necklace with 23 embossed beads, a bronze neck ornament, silver 3-bead earrings and two bracelets. It was discovered in Kyiv in 1986.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/necklace-with-crescents.jpg

    Necklace with Crescents excavated in 1898 from a tumulus near the village of Vovkivtsi, Sumy Oblast.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/sphinx-shaped-earrings.jpg

    Sphynx-shaped earrings excavated in 1965 from the Starshy Brat tumulus in the Try Braty tumulus complex near the village of Ohonki, Crimea.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/zharda-KH-2941.jpg

    Necklace with engraved brass pendants.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/cotillion_ornament.jpeg

    A woven beaded accessory, classified as a beaded pendant.
  • https://gallery.sucho.org/files/original/honchar_crown_NDF-4776.jpg

    This traditional Ukrainian Flower crown was made using paper, foil, wax, and wire, and techniques such as cutting, and encaustic, which is hot wax painting. Crowns such as this one were worn by women of marital age to represent purity.
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